How to Make Nashville Hot Chicken Like Hattie B’s

As my dear friend and soul traveller joins the community here with her beautiful soul I have to share her first post with you and it looks so tasty ❤ 😀 welcome home willow


Dinner delights in a house of love :)

featuring Daube de Boeuf Creole 🙂

PIC_0173Where is the food? 😉

PIC_0174Being served 🙂

PIC_0177anything for me? says Evelyn Vedrana 🙂

PIC_0178 so tasty and delicious… Thank you Fergus 😉

PIC_0180 not a bad first effort on ice cream delights… Thank you Finn 🙂

PIC_0181 finally at least some leftovers of ice cream for me…. Evelyn ❤

Organic vegetable farm in Noyarey, France

This was my place of work during last season, highly enjoyable work as there is no stress involved and you hang out with veggies all day… and even though they are French veggies, they are quiet and content…

The farm is situated in a village of Noyarey, north of city of Grenoble.


2014-10-16 16.16.40

2014-10-17 15.15.56

It is surrounded by lovely mountains like the whole area… massifs of Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne are dominating the area of Isere region…